Yes, it’s true: 40 is the new 30! While this is lovely to hear, it may be harder to see. Skin in its fourth decade undergoes its greatest changes to date…with wrinkles deepening, dark spots getting, well, darker, and skin sagging showing up in more places. While these changes are internal, there’s a lot you can do to counteract them so skin stays as young-looking as you feel.

The three Ds plague skin in its 40s: dryness, dullness, and dark spots. This is an effect of damage accrued in our younger years combined with the natural slowing of skin’s regenerative abilities. The good news is all three can be minimized with a dual-action cleanser like Purity of Elements Daily Detox Exfoliating Cleanser. Part hydrating cream cleanser, part exfoliating skin polisher, it contains our antioxidant Copper 5 Complex™ combined with moisturizing Argan, Avocado, Soybean, and Jojoba Oils for a super-clean, super-fresh finish without intensifying dryness.

Did you know dry skin could trigger issues like sensitivity and premature aging? Moisturizing is essential as we age, especially when a daily exfoliation regimen is in place. Be sure to apply an antioxidant rich, medium-weight moisturizer within 2 minutes of cleansing for the best benefits. And, choose a moisturizer containing nourishing Vitamin E and Soy Protein to flood skin with hydration, minimize the look of fine lines, and boost natural radiance.