Have you added dry brushing into your selfcare routine?  This is an ancient cleansing and detoxifying ritual that's been embraced by cultures throughout history.  In fact, Native American tribes were known to use dry corn husks to dry brush as part of their detoxifying and cleansing practices.

What is dry brushing and why is it so important to incorporate into your holistic beauty routine?

Dry brushing is the act of mindfully brushing the surface of the skin with a firm bristled, bone-dry brush.  To dry brush, be sure to pick a cosmetic-grade brush with firm bristles and a good hand-hold, like Purity of Elements Natural Sisal Dry Brush (price recently reduced to $5.99!)..  

Start your stokes at your feet and work your way upward in firm, but gentle, strokes towards your heart- this direction is key to promote lymphatic drainage.  Once you reach your hips and lower back, move to your hands, working your way up the arms towards your center.

Avoid sensitive areas like your abdomen and chest.  And never dry brush your face (we have better exfoliation practices for that- hint, try our Daily Detox Exfoliating Cleanser).

What are the benefits of Dry Brushing?  Here are the TOP FIVE Reasons to add this ancient ritual into your skincare routine today!

Encourages Lymphatic Drainage & Detoxification- when we stimulate the skin with a dry brush we are gently stretching and stimulating the lymphatic system that sits below the skin's surface.  By working our way towards our heart, we promote the flow of metabolic waste and help drain the toxins that have accumulated in our body.

Increases Circulation- the gentle strokes against the skin immediately promote better circulation by encourage blood flow towards the surface of the skin (note: you should see a rosey glow, not flush red- in this case, you may be brushing too aggressively).  This acute stimulation of the circulatory system helps promote healthy blood-flow throughout the body.

Decreases the Appearance of Cellulite- while we dry brush we promote circulation which will gently plump the skin helping to diminish the appearance of unsightly cellulite.  It is also believed that dry brushing helps remove the toxins and impurities that are responsible for breaking down connective tissue- which results in cellulite.

Exfoliates Away Dead Surface Cells-  the gentle sloughing away of the skin's outer layer will help remove dead skin cells that dull the skin's appearance.  The right dry brush will also help smooth out those lumps and bumps, like ingrown hairs and dry patches.

Reveal Radiant Skin Instantly- with the increased circulation and the exfoliation, dry brushing has the added benefit of revealing the dewy, youthful skin that's just below the dull, and dry surface layer!

For best results, try dry brushing before a sauna, steam, shower, or bath.  After cleansing, be sure to apply nourishing moisturizer- Like Purity of Elements Restorative Body Lotion- to extend your glow!