Santa Fe, NM is known for its four seasons- the Fall and Winter can be extreme and harsh!!  

As the fall slowly grows colder and the air dryer, we can all attest to that high desert dry skin!  Here are some quick tips to keep your skin soft and supple this season!

1. Water, water, water- When our body is dehydrated, it shows on our skin.  Try to consumer six to eight glasses of water daily.  Keep your water bottle close and refill regularly (a great excuse to get up and move to the water cooler!).  You can also get your water by drinking antioxidant rich teas like green and white tea or simply add lemon and honey to boiled water for therapeutic and calming hydration.  

2.  Humidifier- Protect your skin from the dry heat of your home with a humidifier.  Keeping the air in your home from becoming too dry will prevent uncomfortable chapping and dry skin.  Another way to keep the air in your home full of moisture- keep doors open while you shower to let the steam escape and humidify your home.

3.  Avoid Hot Showers- This happens to be a personal guilty pleasure.  I prefer scathingly hot showers!  But it can do some serious damage to your skin!  Try to keep the heat at a moderate temperature.  Really hot water can disrupt the delicate balance of your skin, eliminating natural oils and lubricants that keep your skin hydrated.

4.  Moisturize-  The cooler weather is NOT the time to slack on your skincare routine.  If you haven't already, now is the time to add a moisturizer on top of your serums and treatments. Look for a light moisturizer that you can apply as a barrier over your skin to protect it from the elements like Purity of Elements Age Defying Moisturizer.  This delicate barrier will help your concentrated serums work harder on your skin and it will also help maintain your skin's natural hydration.

5.  Exfoliate- The best way to keep your skin looking healthy this season is to indulge in regular exfoliation- both on your face and your body!  There are a few great ways to exfoliate.  Drybrushing is an ancient technique that helps slough away dead skin cells to give your skin a healthy glow (it also does a lot of other things- Read More Here).  Check out our personal favorite dry brush here.  You will also want a delicate facial exfoliator- nothing too gritty or rough as that can actually do more damage. Look for a cream based cleanser with delicate grit to slough away the dead skin like Purity of Elements Daily Detox Exfoliating Cleanser.  For your body, you can try a rougher scrub, but look for something that leaves a protective moisture barrier after exfoliation like Purity of Elements Exfoliating Sugar Body Scrub.

And one last tip- to help you stick to your anti-dry plan, set up a hydrating station next to your bed.  It should include a humidifier, a bottle of water, and your moisturizing lotions and creams.  Indulge in a little pre-bedtime selfcare :)

Stay healthy and hydrated this season!!


Be Well,

The POE Team