The New Year is upon us and long is the list of resolutions, but did skincare make the cut?  Now is the time to make a commitment to your skin!  

Here are three reasons why skincare might just be the most important thing you can do for yourself in 2017!

1. Your skin is the largest barrier against infection!  By treating our skin well and ensuring that it stays hydrated we help eliminate the risk of infection and illness.  Using harsh soaps that dry the skin could cause the skin to crack leaving it prone to inflammation and infection.  Look for soothing, hydrating ingredients and products (hint: Purity of Elements Daily Detox Exfoliating Cleanser is a delicate cream cleanser that gently sloughs away dead skin while leaving skin hydrated and supple)!

2. When you make a commitment to good skincare, you make a commitment to selfcare.  By taking steps towards better skin, we often choose healthier lifestyle choices- better diet and nutrition, drinking more water, and prioritizing our overall health and wellness.  It's more than just skincare, it's selfcare.

3.  Boost your glow....and your self-esteem!  It's not always possible to make it to the gym or to go for a run- especially as the weather gets more extreme.  During the winter months, we often slide out of our healthy routines.  But dedicating 10 minutes a day to your skincare- even if it's just a few minutes before bedtime- can help restore a youthful glow worth gleaming about.  Small steps towards selfcare make a big difference!


Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year filled with Happiness and Health!  All great things in 2017!


The POE Team