It's resolution season! We at POE put together a list of the TOP 5 resolutions that we heard during our New Year's celebrations and we thought we would share them with you here!  What do you think?  Will these make your list?

#1. Be kind to yourself- Is this not the ultimate resolution??  The new year often marks rigid restrictions that involve cutting back, losing, stopping, changing.  This year, we are welcoming in 2017 with a mindful dose of self-love.  Choose to be kind.

#2. Feed Your Mind, Body, Soul- It isn't just about the food you eat, it's how you fuel your soul.  Yes, clean eating is always good, but don't stop there!  This year we hope to travel more, spend more time with loved-ones, stay mindful and present, engage, make memories.  Exercise, meditate.  Give ourselves permission to relax vs. beat ourselves up for not accomplishing more (see resolution #1).

#3. Cultivate an attitude of Gratitude-  We LOVE this one.  It's hard not to crave more or to dwell on our shortcomings- personal, emotional, financial, relationships, successes/failures.  But we at POE are determined to always see the glass as half full and to acknowledge that everything comes with a silver lining.  We also happen to be firm believers in the power of positive thought.  Energy flows where attention goes, folks!  Focus on gratitude!

#4. Drink More Water- Can a resolution be more simple than that?  We don't think so, and yet it is so hard to stay on top of hydration!  We are always praising the benefits of abundant water in-take so it only makes sense to make it one of our top 5 resolutions in 2017!

#5. Prioritize Selfcare- This is so important to us at POE.  We spend so much of our energy focusing on the responsibilities that surround us, often neglecting our own personal need for attention.  In 2017 we will make time.  Whether it's a daily facial (complete with Purity of Elements skincare, of course ;), a long walk to collect our thoughts, a slowly sipped cup of tea, a yoga class, or a moment of intentional rest (without the guilt of feeling like you should be accomplishing more- again, see #1)- that's our plan in 2017!

Bonus Resolution: Spend more time outdoors!  There is something about getting fresh air- stepping away from computers, cell phones, TVs and just being outside in nature.  Go for a family hike and build memories, go for a solo-hike and sort your thoughts.  Breath deeply and clean your soul with the fresh air of the great outdoors!


Would you add anything else??