If you follow us on social media, you might notice that we often use the hashtag #MindfulBeauty.  A few folks wanted to learn more about what we mean when we align Purity of Elements to this hashtag and we would love to elaborate!!

Mindful beauty is about achieving beautiful, radiant, and healthy skin by using skincare products that you can feel good about.  At Purity of Elements, our products are paraben free and pthalate free and we never test on animals.  These claims should make you feel good about your purchase.

We are also ingredient conscious when it comes to our formulations and avoid harsh chemicals often found in other skincare lines.  

And finally, we believe in overall beauty.  Our skin is our body's largest organ.  When it's dry, congested, broken out, deyhdrated, it typically means that other organs in our body are not operating at their best or parts of our body are being neglected and stressed.  

This imbalance affects our skin and it shows on the outside.  At Purity of Elements our products are formulated to encourage you to "stop and smell the rosehips" (an essential ingredient in our Radiance Face Serum).  Pausing and embracing these moments of mindful selfcare is the true secret to beautiful, radiant skin (ok, and Copper 5 Complex helps too ;). 

We hope our products encourage you to indulge in healthy, "you-centric" actives- maybe its yoga, exercise, meditation or, our personal favorite, a nice long bath!  You deserve it.

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Be Well,

The POE Team