• Get Serious About Skincare in the New Year

    The New Year is upon us and long is the list of resolutions, but did skincare make the cut?  Now is the time to make a commitment to your skin!  

    Here are three reasons why skincare might just be the most important thing you can do for yourself in 2017!

    1. Your skin is the largest barrier against infection!  By treating our skin well and ensuring that it stays hydrated we help eliminate the risk of infection and illness.  Using harsh soaps that dry the skin could cause the skin to crack leaving it prone to inflammation and infection.  Look for soothing, hydrating ingredients and products (hint: Purity of Elements Daily Detox Exfoliating Cleanser is a delicate cream cleanser that gently sloughs away dead skin while leaving skin hydrated and supple)!

    2. When you make a commitment to good skincare, you make a commitment to selfcare.  By taking steps towards better skin, we often choose healthier lifestyle choices- better diet and nutrition, drinking more water, and prioritizing our overall health and wellness.  It's more than just skincare, it's selfcare.

    3.  Boost your glow....and your self-esteem!  It's not always possible to make it to the gym or to go for a run- especially as the weather gets more extreme.  During the winter months, we often slide out of our healthy routines.  But dedicating 10 minutes a day to your skincare- even if it's just a few minutes before bedtime- can help restore a youthful glow worth gleaming about.  Small steps towards selfcare make a big difference!


    Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year filled with Happiness and Health!  All great things in 2017!


    The POE Team 

    Posted by Kate Brochu
  • Holiday Party Skin Prep

    The holiday party invites are offically in the post and the season for celebration is upon us!  You still have time to dust off your skincare routine to get that holiday glow!  Try these skincare tips before your next soiree!

    Leading Up to The Party!

    Hydrate for the Holiday:

    This is a big one for us at Purity of Elements.  Skincare products are essential, but so is hydrating your body from the inside out.  Sip water throughout the day and keep a water bottle close for on-the-go hydration.  Bored of plain old water?  Try adding lemon (which has plenty of health benefits on its own).  Opt for tea and hydrating drinks over sugary beverages.  And if you really need to jazz up your water intake, stay inspired with a water bottle you can get excited about like a trendy and eco-conscious S'Well Bottle. (Bonus tip: Set up a "hydration station" next to your bed with a bottle of water, hand lotion and body creams.  Make it a habit to hydrate before bedtime)!  

    Load up on Fruits and Veggies:

    As the saying goes, "you are what you eat"!  It's always a goal to eat well, however, it can be tough to stay on track.  Dedicating yourself to a healthy diet rich with fruits and vegetables will have an immediate impact on your skin.  Avoid sugary carbs and dairy that may contribute to inflammation and acne and swap out for fruits, veggies, and high-fiber foods!

    Get to the Gym:

    We can't promise that you'll be able to squeeze into that LBD, but we can guarantee that squeezing in a few sweat sessions before your soiree will help give your skin a natural glow.  Exercise helps increase your circulation which contributes to detoxification and gives your skin a beautiful radiance!  It will also boost your holiday cheer!  Strenuous exercise releases pleasure-inducing endorphins!  That's always a plus!

    Dry Brush For Dewy Skin:

    If you haven't already, you must integrate drybrushing into your selfcare routine.  It's a simple step in enhancing your skin's natural glow and will help stimulate the lymphatic system which detoxifes the body- ridding your skin of toxins and impurities that could compromise your skin's radiance!  Check out our Body Detox Kit which includes our Natural Sisal Dry Brush along with an extra gift to help you cleanse your way to radiance!

    Get Serious About Your Skincare:

    It doesn't take long to see the benefits of a healthy skincare routine (especially if you are using our Radiance Face Serum).   At the start of the week, try out a treatment mask that will offer a natural exfoliation- like a clay-based mask.  Clearing away dead skin will ensure that your skincare products can work their best!  Our favorite- Purity of Elements Pore-Minimizing Clay Mask.  Dedicate yourself to giving your skin the attention it deserves every night.  Look for hydrating, creamy cleansers versus over-drying gel-based cleansers.  Our pick, Purity of Elements Daily Detox Exfoliating Cleanser.  Find a toner that will help clarify and clear up any congestion you are experiencing on your skin.  Seek out a serum with concentrated ingredients to repair and restore balance (did we mention our Radiance Face Serum?).  And finally, buffer your skin with a light moisturizer like our Anti-Aging Moisturizer


    The Day Of The Party:

    Exfoliate to Reveal that Glow:

    On the night of the party, your only skincare "to do" is to reveal that cultivated glow!  Sloughing away dull, dry skin will reveal the healthy, dewy skin below the surface- giving you a holiday radiance. Stay hydrated to maintain your skin's fullness. Cleanse and moisturize for a dewy base and apply your very best holiday glam look!  

    Does all of this face care advice have you feeling a bit overwhelmed- check out our Face Care Kit- has everything you need to get started on your #POEGlo!

    Cheers & Happy Holidays from the POE Team!




    Posted by Kate Brochu
  • Understanding The Ancient Rituals of Smudging

    Have you checked out our newest skincare bundles??  Just in time for the gift-giving season, these custom tailored gift sets offer the perfect pairings of skin and body care products!  Ideal for anyone who is eager to try Purity of Elements and perfect for the skincare lover on your list!!  
    Inside these lovely kits, we've included a special gift!  An authentic Native American smudge stick!  Cultivated and created with respect to an age old tradition, your smudge stick was hand made by the people of the Taos Pueblo, located at the base of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, 70 miles from Santa Fe, NM.
    This natural white sage bundle has a deep cultural history- smudging is an ancient cleansing ritual practiced by the indigenous people of the Americas.  Long been used as part of detoxifying and cleansing rituals, smudging is gaining more popularity as we learn more about the very real benefits of spiritual cleansing for the mind and body.  
    The sage is believed to help vanquish negative energy while welcoming positive vibes and restoring balance to an individual, a community or a space!  The singed edge of the sage bundle releases a thick smoke with a rich sage-y scent- cleansing the area of negativity and restoring balance and calm.  In fact, sage is known for its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties which explains why it is very effective at cleansing!
    This ancient ritual should be performed with intention and mindfulness, along with respect for the deep metaphysical cleansing that this ancient ritual provides.
    Posted by Kate Brochu
  • Holiday Skincare Tips

    The holiday season is upon us which means it is time to really get our skin to sparkle!!  It's tough to stay regimented while juggling holiday parties, events, and general seasonal stress!  But here are some quick and easy tips to get your skin to SHINE this holiday!!


    Sip your way to Hydrated Skin:

    Now that the weather is a bit chillier, we don't crave an ice cold glass of water as frequently as we may have during the warmer months.  Always keep a water bottle near by and remind yourself to take frequent sips throughout the day.  Think you will have trouble remembering?  Set up a timer on  your phone for a sip every 15 minutes!  You'll soon make it a habit!  


    Take a Break From Makeup:

    The less makeup you wear the better!  Save those cat-eyes for the holiday parties, but keep daily make up simple.  Think just about the basics- a tinted sunscreen and lip gloss go a long way.  But if you are feeling like you need a little bit of color- pick up a bronzer for a light dusting of sun-kissed skin!  Going make up free will help rebalance the skin.  This way, when it's really time to get glam, your skin will be ready to perform!


    Don't Forget About Your Skincare/Selfcare Routine:

    The days are shorter and colder- the draw of a cozy bed is stronger!  But don't be tempted to go to bed without taking care of your skin.  Always cleanse with a creamy, hydrating cleanser- this is even more important during these cold months when skin tends to dry out.  Try this Daily Detox Exfoliating Cleanser.  Be sure to use a toner to help clarify the skin.  Add a hard-working serum, like Purity of Elements Radiance Face Serum.  The final touch should be a light, quick absorbing moisturizer- nothing too thick.  Try this Age Defying Moisturizer.  Still feel like your skin needs more hydration?  Try double moisturizing.  It's easy.  Moisturize, wait one minute, reapply a second layer.  Done!


    Do you have other holiday tips!!  Share them in the comments below!


    Posted by Kate Brochu
  • Black Friday and Cyber Monday PREVIEW!!

    We cannot wait to share some serious holiday savings with you guys!!  We don't want anyone to miss out so in an effort to keep you all in the POE loop, we wanted to share a little preview post about what's in-store (and online) for our holiday savings plan!!

    Mark. Your. Calendars!  And don't miss out on these AMAZING skincare savings!!

    Black Friday- November 25th

    Calling all local Houston, TX friends!!  Visit us at our POE Boutique at 2130 Welch Street in Houston for Exclusive in-store savings!!!  Savings up to 50% off STOREWIDE!!

    Cyber Monday- November 28th 

    You didn't hear it from us (or maybe you did), but promo code: CYBER50 gets you 50% off SITEWIDE starting 11/28!!  

    Posted by Kate Brochu