• Antiaging Tips you can do TODAY

    Here are simple, easy-to-do antiaging tips you can do every day to notice a big difference!  

    1.  Get more sleep- It turns out that "getting your beauty rest" is actually a thing.  As adults we are encouraged to sleep 6-8 hours a night for optimal health.  Going to bed and waking up at the same time will help you achieve a healthy sleep routine for healthy skin!

    2.  Drink water- skip sodas and sugary drinks and opt for just plain water.  Keeping your body hydrated will help your skin stay soft and supple.  It will give you a lovely hydrated glow!  Bored of just plain water, dry boiling water and adding a lemon- this fruit has amazing health benefits worth integrating into your wellness routine!  Read more on the benefits of lemon here.

    3.  Sleep on Your Back- sleeping on your back will help prevent wrinkling and creases on your skin. It will also help prevent wrinkles on your chest that often occur while sleeping on your side.  Another tip, keep your head slightly propped to aid in fluid drainage.  This will prevent waking up with puffy eyes!

    4.  Dedicate Yourself to a Skincare Routine- You DON'T need to invest in an entire beauty counter, but you DO need to consider basic skincare an essential part of your selfcare ritual.  Look for a creamy cleanser, a clarifying toner, a concentrated serum, and a non-greasy moisturizer.  Make it part of your pre-bedtime routine and use this selfcare ritual as a way to unwind before bedtime!  

    Posted by Kate Brochu
  • Avoid Dry Skin this Season

    Santa Fe, NM is known for its four seasons- the Fall and Winter can be extreme and harsh!!  

    As the fall slowly grows colder and the air dryer, we can all attest to that high desert dry skin!  Here are some quick tips to keep your skin soft and supple this season!

    1. Water, water, water- When our body is dehydrated, it shows on our skin.  Try to consumer six to eight glasses of water daily.  Keep your water bottle close and refill regularly (a great excuse to get up and move to the water cooler!).  You can also get your water by drinking antioxidant rich teas like green and white tea or simply add lemon and honey to boiled water for therapeutic and calming hydration.  

    2.  Humidifier- Protect your skin from the dry heat of your home with a humidifier.  Keeping the air in your home from becoming too dry will prevent uncomfortable chapping and dry skin.  Another way to keep the air in your home full of moisture- keep doors open while you shower to let the steam escape and humidify your home.

    3.  Avoid Hot Showers- This happens to be a personal guilty pleasure.  I prefer scathingly hot showers!  But it can do some serious damage to your skin!  Try to keep the heat at a moderate temperature.  Really hot water can disrupt the delicate balance of your skin, eliminating natural oils and lubricants that keep your skin hydrated.

    4.  Moisturize-  The cooler weather is NOT the time to slack on your skincare routine.  If you haven't already, now is the time to add a moisturizer on top of your serums and treatments. Look for a light moisturizer that you can apply as a barrier over your skin to protect it from the elements like Purity of Elements Age Defying Moisturizer.  This delicate barrier will help your concentrated serums work harder on your skin and it will also help maintain your skin's natural hydration.

    5.  Exfoliate- The best way to keep your skin looking healthy this season is to indulge in regular exfoliation- both on your face and your body!  There are a few great ways to exfoliate.  Drybrushing is an ancient technique that helps slough away dead skin cells to give your skin a healthy glow (it also does a lot of other things- Read More Here).  Check out our personal favorite dry brush here.  You will also want a delicate facial exfoliator- nothing too gritty or rough as that can actually do more damage. Look for a cream based cleanser with delicate grit to slough away the dead skin like Purity of Elements Daily Detox Exfoliating Cleanser.  For your body, you can try a rougher scrub, but look for something that leaves a protective moisture barrier after exfoliation like Purity of Elements Exfoliating Sugar Body Scrub.

    And one last tip- to help you stick to your anti-dry plan, set up a hydrating station next to your bed.  It should include a humidifier, a bottle of water, and your moisturizing lotions and creams.  Indulge in a little pre-bedtime selfcare :)

    Stay healthy and hydrated this season!!


    Be Well,

    The POE Team

    Posted by Kate Brochu
  • What is Mindful Beauty?

    If you follow us on social media, you might notice that we often use the hashtag #MindfulBeauty.  A few folks wanted to learn more about what we mean when we align Purity of Elements to this hashtag and we would love to elaborate!!

    Mindful beauty is about achieving beautiful, radiant, and healthy skin by using skincare products that you can feel good about.  At Purity of Elements, our products are paraben free and pthalate free and we never test on animals.  These claims should make you feel good about your purchase.

    We are also ingredient conscious when it comes to our formulations and avoid harsh chemicals often found in other skincare lines.  

    And finally, we believe in overall beauty.  Our skin is our body's largest organ.  When it's dry, congested, broken out, deyhdrated, it typically means that other organs in our body are not operating at their best or parts of our body are being neglected and stressed.  

    This imbalance affects our skin and it shows on the outside.  At Purity of Elements our products are formulated to encourage you to "stop and smell the rosehips" (an essential ingredient in our Radiance Face Serum).  Pausing and embracing these moments of mindful selfcare is the true secret to beautiful, radiant skin (ok, and Copper 5 Complex helps too ;). 

    We hope our products encourage you to indulge in healthy, "you-centric" actives- maybe its yoga, exercise, meditation or, our personal favorite, a nice long bath!  You deserve it.

    Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to learn more about Purity of Elements.

    Be Well,

    The POE Team



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  • The Latest Skincare Trend

    If you have your finger on the skincare pulse, then you've probably heard of the latest trend in skincare....  

    Nope, it's not a new cosmetic procedure, and while holistic skincare is getting more and more buzz, it's not that either!

    The latest trend is going Make Up Free!  You may have seen the hashtag #MakeUpOptional or #MakeUpFree or, our personal favorite, #MakeUpFreeMonday.  We love the philosophy behind this trend!

     The idea is to take such great care of your skin and to prioritize your overall wellness that you don't need to cover up naturally healthy, glowing skin!  The best part of this trend, we were featured in Kate Brochu's latest video post as she discussed what's in her bag for her Makeup Optional days!

    Take a look and check out how Purity of Elements can give you more Makeup Optional days!


    Be Well,

    The POE Team

    Posted by Kate Brochu
  • Curious About Serums? Check Out this Vlog!

    What exactly is a serum?  How is it different than a moisturizer?  Should I be using both or just one? Serums are trending in skincare these days, but they can be a bit confusing- so many products, how do we use them??  And, most importantly, how do I choose the right one for me?  Check out the latest Vlog post from our Director of Brand Education, Kate Brochu.  Good intel!!  And remember, right now our popular Radiance Face Serum is 50% off!!!  

    Click here and Watch Now!

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